Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Raw lemonade

Recently I read a recipe for a drink that was supposed to be healthy, boost your immune system and fight infection.  It said that lemons are rich in nutrients that can accomplish this plus they support digestion and cleanse the liver.  I thought it sounded easy and promising.  It is also a great substitute for drinking sugary high calorie soda pop.

The simple ingredients are two lemons, raw local honey, water and lemon essential oil.  The recipe says to peel two lemons.  I didn't want to waste the flavorful peel so I zested the lemons and cut off some of the white pith instead of peeling.

Raw lemonade

2 lemons peeled (I zest and cut the bitter white pith off)
2 cups of filtered water
2 Tablespoons unfiltered honey*
10 drops of lemon essential oil

Slice the prepared lemons and put all the ingredients in a high speed blender.  Add a few ice cubes and blend until smooth.  I used a Vitamix on high speed.  

It tastes delicious, and if it is half as good for us as it is supposed to be, that would be fantastic.  I imagine you can heat this lemonade if you stir in the honey later.  Heating honey too warm destroys some of its antibacterial properties.  It is very refreshing served on ice.  Adding a little booze wouldn't hurt either if you like an alcoholic drink once in a while.

*A word of warning with using raw unfiltered honey.  Some people can't use it.  My sister has a severe allergic reaction from it.  We think it is because all the pollen remains in the honey when it isn't filtered.  I felt terrible the first time I recommended this honey to her and she reacted. 

Use raw honey with caution.

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