Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Staining the Garage-To Spray or Not To Spray

It is an absolutely perfect day in Wisconsin.  The temperatures are in the mid-70's, there is a very light breeze and there is no humidity.  It is a perfect day to do a lot of fun things, but also a perfect day to stain the garage before winter weather sets in.  We bought a spray gun and that is what I thought we would use.  I use the word "WE" loosely because my husband does the work, and I go out and check on him every now and then.  He isn't using it though.  He says that he can stain one whole side in the time it takes to set the thing up.  I asked him why we bought it then and he just shrugged and said he might use it to paint the garage door.  We will see.

Power washing the garage.

Three weeks ago he power washed the garage and prepared it for staining.  It took a long time to dry but probably not this long.  The instructions on the stain says that there has to be three days without rain.  Even though we haven't had much rain in our area, it is usually in the forecast as a possible chance.  There is a chance again tomorrow night, but he is taking a chance that it doesn't.

Oops, here he comes in the door.  What does he have in his arms?  Could it be the paint sprayer box?  Yes it is.  I guess hand staining the garage isn't as quick as he thought.

The paint sprayer is put together and ready to go.  Let's see if it really is faster and easier.

Here we go, start the timer.

The sprayer worked great and the whole garage was finished in a couple hours.  It did take another hour or so to clean it up which is a real pain.  Overall the job is finished except for the trim work.  It will have plenty of time to dry before the rain comes and well before winter sets in.

Now to paint the trim dark green and that will complete another project around here.

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