Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Last Few Days of Fall in Wisconsin

Today they are having snow in northern Wisconsin.  They are usually a couple weeks ahead of us so I am certain that our fall days are numbered.  We had frost the last couple of nights but so far it hasn't been a killing frost.  We did start a fire in the fireplace today to take the chill off.  I went outside to see what I could see before it all turns to winter.

The first thing I saw was in our compost pile.  I went out with some wood ashes and this is what I saw. 

If you look closely there are two stalks of celery growing from the cut off ends of celery.

Then I picked up my potted geraniums to bring them inside for the winter.  Under one of them was this little salamander.  They like a moist and dark environment, so this was a perfect place for him.

Under the potted plant was this little salamander.  He scurried away when I picked up the pot. 

The next thing I noticed were these little toad stools all over the yard.  It was so dry this summer that I hadn't seen many, but with the recent rain these popped up.

Toad stools growing through the pine needles.

The flowers haven't been affected by the frost yet.  They are still pretty and blooming for now.

Toad lily still blooming but I'm sure all those buds will not have time to bloom.

Garden mum

Another mum which was knocked over but it isn't gone yet.

This bush was covered with beautiful red berries.  Quite a contrast in the landscape.

The woods are still full of color.

It won't be long and the leaves will fall off the trees, and the landscape will be barren.  Then it will be covered with snow.  That is why I live in Wisconsin.  There are four distinct seasons, each with it's own beauty.

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