Saturday, October 19, 2013

Little Free Library in Princeton Wisconsin

Little Free Library in Princeton, Wisconsin
On the news and on Facebook recently I heard and read about Little Free Libraries popping up in many towns.  The first one was placed in Hudson, Wisconsin in 2009.  It was in the shape of an old schoolhouse, and it was to honor a loved one who was a teacher who loved books.  The idea took off, and now there are little free libraries all around the United States and the world.  The purpose is to encourage people of all ages to read.  At anytime of the day or night, a person can lift the lid and borrow a book.  You can replace it with another book or return it later and take another.  The little libraries can be in any shape or size.  The news show I saw had one inside a coffee shop, and the proprietor said she didn't care if people returned them.  She just wanted to see people read. 

The NBC Nightly News aired this piece more than a year ago.

I was very surprised one day when I went to mail a letter at our local post office.  There standing right next to the mailbox was the Little Free Library shown.  It was stuffed full of books.  Our town is lucky enough to have a very nice public library, but some towns don't.  This is a happy little addition.

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