Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Elementary School Spring Concert

Yesterday afternoon we went to our 2nd youngest grandchild's Spring singing concert.  They divide the concerts by grades so a person doesn't have to sit forever listening to every age group plus there is enough room for all the spectators.  In this case it was the kindergarten and the third graders singing.  Our grandson Jack is in kindergarten.  I find it interesting how things have changed.  When I started school a long long time ago and when my children started school, you had to turn five by December 1st to start school.  Now the cut off is September 1st, but a lot of parents are holding their children back a year.  Jack was born at the end of June, and he is one of the youngest kids in his class.   Jack is the boy in the blue shirt.

The concert was called "A Season of Song"

The kids sang songs from all the seasons.  Little five and six year olds are so cute and love to sing.  I am so grateful that the schools in this area still have music programs.  Some schools in the nation have eliminated the arts and that is a shame.

Middle grandchild Sam was part of the school audience.  He spotted us in the crowd.

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