Saturday, May 3, 2014

Night Bowhunters Return To Our Marsh

It's May 3rd of 2014.  We had a very nice day.  The temperatures were in the low 60's but best of all the Baltimore Orioles returned for the summer.  At this time we only see the male birds but soon the females will follow to build their nests and raise their young.  I am thrilled every year.

The first of many birds we will see this summer.

Last night was a very long night for me, and I didn't get very much sleep.  Seeing this Oriole this morning was wonderful.  Last night the Carp bowhunters returned to our marsh.  I wrote about it last week. 

They didn't stay that long last week, but last night they were here for several hours.  They have very bright halogen lights on their boat.  They come very close to shore so the lights brighten up our whole house.  The air boat sound is very loud.  I am a light sleeper and couldn't sleep while they were out there.   Fishing must have been successful because another boat joined the first which doubled the lights and the noise.  It is legal as long as they stay on the water even though the land is our private property.  I think it is very rude and kind of creepy, but hopefully it is just a temporary situation.

It kind of looks like a pirate ship.

You can see the shadows of the fishermen standing on their boat at 2:30am.

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