Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aquaponic Grown Food

If I were many years younger, I would definitely be interested in starting an aquaponics system.  For those who don't know what this is, it involves raising fish and growing organic food in a small space through the use of circulating water.   It combines soilless gardening called hydroponics and aquaculture which involves raising aquatic life.  The fish live in a tank.  Their excrement in the water is filtered through gravel and rocks.  The water is pumped past the roots of the plants which cleans the water by taking the nutrients and neutralizing the fish water.   Bacteria naturally found in the water further cleanses it.  The water is then returned to the fish as clean water.  There is a science behind it, but basically it is a self contained system that needs to be monitored but works the same as it does in nature.  The plants grow very fast because they are constantly getting nutrients and the fish grow and stay healthy.  This process can be accomplished in a small home setting or a larger commercial setup.

This little aquarium uses the same technology but you wouldn't be eating this fish.

We have a place about 10 miles away in Montello Wisconsin.  It is called Nelson and Pade Aquaponics.  It is a larger commercial aquaponic greenhouse.  They sell fish and produce that they raise in their greenhouses.  I bought some romaine lettuce the other day at a local grocery store.  This is the package.

See the roots are still attached.

I am anxious to try other produce items as well as the fish they raise.  For those who are serious about this and want to know the science behind it, they offer 3 day seminars.  Some are even for college credit.  It saves water and fossil fuels and at the same time provides good healthy food to eat.

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