Thursday, July 3, 2014

Young Baltimore Orioles Are Out Of The Nest

Today, July 3, 2014, I am just going to post some photos.  I like to track the progress of the Baltimore Oriole.  So far this year I have blogged about the arrival of the Oriole, the building of the nest, the laying of the eggs and now raising the babies.  At this stage the young ones are nearly as large as the parents.  The males don't have the brilliant color so it is hard to tell the female from the babies except when they are feeding them.  If you would like to read other blogs I have written on the Oriole, just type 'Baltimore Oriole' in the search box.  I have written about them several times.

This is a new feeder.  We hung it in the window so we can see them up close.

View from inside the house.

They sure can mess up a window but it's worth it.

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