Thursday, February 5, 2015

Little Deer Returns (I think)

Last month I wrote about a Poor Little Deer who had come into our yard.  The deer appeared to be injured.

I hadn't seen it again and feared the worse.  Today I looked out and saw a small deer trying to eat from our bird feeders.   It looked like the same deer, although all deer look pretty much alike unless they have antlers.  Then it is easier to tell who is who.  This deer seems slightly larger than our little deer, but I suppose it could have grown a little in a month.  She still had a slight limp and some scars on her back.   She was all alone.  I snapped a few pictures until someone pulled into the driveway and she ran off.

For those who were as concerned as I about the Poor Little Deer's welfare.  I want to say (or believe) she is fine.

I really like this time of year.  The deer are hungry and they aren't as afraid, so we see them often.  There must be safety in numbers because we see larger groups than we do after the young are born and the yearlings are sent off to fend for themselves.  I know some communities are sick of them, and I understand not wanting them roaming in metropolitan areas.  We have the perfect habitat, so we can enjoy them instead of worrying about them causing damage.

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