Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Piper Saves The Day

We have a little grand dog.  Her name is Piper Ann, and she is a cockapoo.  I have written this story before, but will mention it again.  She got her name because when my daughter was expecting her second child, ultrasound photos said she was probably having a girl.  Probably is an important word because five years ago yesterday our fourth grandson was born.  They had chosen a girl name but not a boy name.  For a few hours our grandson was nameless.  They finally agreed on naming him Ewan.  It seemed to fit with his brother's name which is Dylan.  Since they liked the girls name Piper, that is what they named their girl dog.

Piper is a spunky little thing.  She is extremely smart but can be a bit naughty at times.  Many times when my daughter gets home from work, her bedroom door is open and Piper is lounging on the bed.  She can go into a purse and gently remove a mint or tissues without disturbing anything else.  She loves tissues.  We took care of her this weekend, and she can remove one tissue from the box without disturbing the box or any other tissues.  We tie her out on a long tie out when she is with us because she can find all kinds of things in the woods.  We also don't want to be responsible for her getting away from us.  She is the only dog we have had who can untangle herself from trees or bushes.  They have tried to train her not to open doors or steal items, but today it was a good thing she didn't pay attention.

My daughter lives in the country now.  She has had an unbelievable number of Asian Beetles (or as my grandson says Ancient Beetles).  She will vacuum for a half hour and ten minutes later there are fifty more on the window sills.  She finally had enough even though spraying for them was not what she wanted to do.  She hired an exterminator who came to their house and sprayed today.  He went out on a balcony they have so he could reach some of the window sills on the second floor.  When he tried to come in, the door was locked.  He knocked and knocked until my daughter heard him and opened the door.  While she was upstairs, he wanted to show her where some of the beetles were gathering.  As soon as they went back out, the door slammed shut.  There she was, locked out on a balcony with a strange man.  She was thinking about what to do and who to call, when she heard Piper.  She called to her and told her to come.  Yup, the dog opened the door for them.  The man called her a Hero Dog.  So in this case, Piper's stealth skills came in very handy.  You never know when you might need a dog that can pick a lock.

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