Thursday, December 31, 2015

My New Year's Resolution

When I first started writing this blog, I posted some trail camera pictures of me wearing my pajamas and wearing my husbands boots.  It was fun and some people started calling me Big Boot instead of Big Foot.  and  We joked about how I looked in some of the photos. Today I caught another picture of myself and posted it on facebook.

I posted this picture in a feeble attempt at humor and to bring back Facebook to what I thought it was when I joined.  It used to be posts about our friends and personal experiences.  It used be filled with family pictures and interactions.  Now there is a very small percentage of that.  I don’t want to see all the tragedy in the world, disfigured individuals, people struggling with all kinds of diseases and people bashing.  Have you checked the facts or truly believe what is being posted?  I have learned I can’t eat anything or drink anything except lemon juice, turmeric or vinegar.  Everything else will make you sick or kill you before your time.  I don’t care who you want for President or if you want to carry a firearm.  You aren’t going to change my mind and I’m not going to change yours.  It will just make me feel angry and my ideas will do the same for you. We all know that we won’t win fame and fortune for liking a post.  All it does is put you on a list to see more stuff on your newsfeed that you may not care about. People can’t possibly like everything they say they like. Facebook has become a platform for people who like everything and are happy all the time or sympathy seeking individuals who need reassurance and attention.  Is this their true self or just an image they want to portray?  So, my New Year Resolution is to only post things I value.  I will truly be sympathetic of a family tragedy or illness, but I don’t care if your second cousin twice removed stubbed their toe.  I love seeing your children, grandchildren and family weddings but not some photoshopped unbelievable photo.  I don’t mind some of the cartoons or jokes.  There are some words of wisdom, but it takes hours to sort through.  Emails have become the same thing.  Everyday I go through and delete without reading hundreds of emails.  I’m sure I delete some important or interesting things, but I don’t have time or the attention span to read every one.  I save the emails from people I know unless your name is Macy or Kohl’s.  I will read your private message and I will reply in a reasonable period of time.  Some will think I’m being negative, but I’m just being is realistic.  With so much junk being posted I often miss things I really am interested in.  It would be nice if Facebook would have a personal page and a separate sharing page.  Until then let’s take our Facebook back to sharing our personal lives.

Happy New Year to all my friends and family and to any of you who read my blog, but I haven't met.  Please continue to post your family stuff.

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