Saturday, January 2, 2016

Silicone Lids

I don't know how many of you are getting away from storing leftovers in plastic containers.  It never occurred to us that using empty plastic containers to store leftovers was a bad idea.  That is what we always did.  In fact, you still see cartoons showing people searching in the refrigerator for the butter, but all the containers look the same so they have to look in each one. Only one has the butter and the rest have other things.   I didn't think anything of using an empty lunch meat container or a cottage cheese container.  Now the trend is to use glass or at least a BPA free plastic.  Apparently bad cancer causing chemicals can eventually leach or migrate out into the food.  Heating food in plastic seems to increase the amount that's transferred to food.  Migration also increases when plastic touches fatty, salty, or acidic foods.  I have glass storage containers, but they seem to disappear or I don't have the proper size.  That is why I was so happy to get the gift I received from my sister this Christmas.  They were Silicone lids.

They work great.  How many times do you have a serving or so of something you don't want to throw away?  Now I can put it in a cereal bowl or any bowl or glass and put on a silicone lid.  The suction formed by pressing down, forms a seal.  It can be reheated with the lid on.  It's much easier than covering with foil or saran wrap, and they are reusable.  The best part is that you don't have to search for a lid or cover that fits.  As we know, all containers have a different size lid even if they look similar.

They seal so well I picked it up even though the instructions say not to do that.

This size seals a cereal bowl perfectly.

I have a lot of silicone items.  I have spatulas, cake and muffin pans and now these lids.  Hopefully they will continue to be deemed safe for future use.  I have eliminated my old plastic food containers which also eliminated some clutter.  These lids snap together for storage and take up very little room when not in use.  So far, I really like these silicone lids.  Anytime we can eliminate even a minuscule amount of bad chemicals from reaching our bloodstream, I'm all for it.  There are so many things we have no control over.  Even the food we eat is tainted more than the food we had fifty years ago.  It's too bad everyone can't grow their own food, but that isn't possible plus the seeds are probably treated anyway.  We only can help where we can and hope it's enough.  I think adding too many extra vitamins and supplements or worrying about everything only messes with the body's ability to regulate itself.  Enjoy life or it will be over before you're ready no matter what you eat or drink (within reason).  Someone once told me that moderation is the key to life.

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