Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lake Superior Circle Tour-Day 3 to Rossport, Ontario, Canada

We left Thunder Bay Ontario after breakfast and began day three of our Lake Superior Circle Tour.  About twenty miles out of town was a very nice park with a beautiful waterfall.  It was a short walk on a nice boardwalk which was a welcome relief from the tiny path we walked on the day before.  It was called Kakabeka Falls.  It is the second highest waterfall in Ontario.  It had very nice views of the falls and the gorge below.

View of Kakabeka Falls from the boardwalk 
View of the gorge 
We didn't stay here very long, we had bigger plans ahead.  We had heard about Canada's longest foot suspension bridge, and we wanted to walk on it.  The bridge was another half hour from the falls.  It was down a long dirt road and for a moment I wasn't sure what kind of situation we were driving into.  Then the sign appeared.

I can't imagine doing the zip line but the suspension bridge was exciting.  There were two bridges.  The smaller one which spans 300 feet across and 125 feet above the canyon and the other was 600 feet across and was 152 feet above the canyon floor.  This property is privately owned and was originally purchased for logging.  After it had been logged out, the owners brainstormed as to what to do with it.  They came up with the idea of building the suspension bridges and the zip line.  We signed a waiver that they were not responsible for accidents.  We had the option to walk or ride to the first bridge.  We chose to ride so they gave us a ride up the hill.  They dropped us off, and we were on our own.  We started across the shorter bridge.  

It wasn't so scary.  When we got to the other side, we walked up to the longer bridge.  There was no one else on the bridge and no wind.  I went first.  

When I was about half way across, my husband started out.  He waited to see if I fell over the railing before he mustered up the courage.   It went well until we started walking in step.  The bridge started to sway back and forth.  I shouted for him to stop for a minute until the bridge settled down, and then we continued on.

When we got over both bridges, we had to walk back down into the gorge.  The only way down was a long and winding road or a set of steps.  We chose the steps.  I wish we would have counted how many because there were hundreds.

This is a view of the steps from the bridge. 
It was a long way down but we needed to walk the road on the right to get back to our car. 

When were almost back to the parking area, I looked back.  There was a view of both bridges.  I can't believed we actually walked over them and lived to tell about it.

It was time to move on.  Rossport, the town we chose to stay in, only had Bed and Breakfast's.  I wasn't thrilled about that, but it would be another new experience.  Before we got there we had to get our third circle tour stamp in Nipigon Ontario and eat lunch.  This part of Canada doesn't have any big box stores or even chain restaurants.  The only one we saw was Tim Horton.  We chose a small diner and were on our way.  We found the house we were staying in.  It had a view of Lake Superior.

It was fine but it isn't tourist season yet so we didn't talk to anyone.  The owner made herself invisible.  After we were settled in, we found another nice waterfall called Rainbow Falls.  It was a pretty little woodland park.  We were the only ones there which made me a little nervous.  My husband had spotted a bear just before we got to our Bed and Breakfast.   There were about a 190 steps but they weren't straight up so it was manageable.

Mike resting before the hike back up the steps. 
Tons of wild blueberry bushes but they won't be ripe for quite some time.

It stayed light until well after 10:00 pm, but we didn't want to venture out anymore.  After our visit to Rainbow Falls we had walked the shore and found some driftwood and pretty stones.  It had been a busy day, and we actually slept pretty well.  In the morning, our host served us breakfast, and disappeared again.  We packed up, left our key and headed out for day four.

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