Saturday, February 8, 2020

Our Miniature Mountain Man named Ewan

Life with grandchildren is always interesting.  Ewan our youngest is particularly entertaining.  He is a nine year old with an old soul who can read between the lines and pick up on subtle nuances.  He always knows when the adults in his life are leaving out some important information or discussing something he really doesn't need to know.  He can hear better than any animal in the forest.  We are convinced he is going to grow up to be the next Grizzley Adams, a true mountain man.  He loves our cabin in the woods.  He said it would be the perfect place to live off the grid, and it has good wifi.  I'm not sure if living off the grid includes having wifi, but I left it at that. 

I may have mentioned that his favorite Christmas gift this year was a hatchet.  He already has a Bowie knife.  Both of these items are never far from his sight unless he is in school.  He was also thrilled to receive a portable shovel for digging.  You never know when you have to survive in the woods. 

Before the dust settled from opening Christmas presents, Ewan headed outside.  He had important work to do.  He was going to build a shelter.  A shelter from what, I don't know.  He convinced his cousin Jack to help for a while even though Jack prefers the comforts of inside shelters.

They worked very hard until it was time to go home.  I had no idea if it was still standing.  No one had checked since Christmas but today Ewan's parents wanted to go shopping to an outlet, about a half hour from our house, that sells chicken   They had to go right past our house, so Ewan asked if he could stay with us instead.  He ate a snack of bacon and eggs and then wanted to head out to check on his shelter.  Of course he brought his knife and hatchet.  I told him to be careful and let him go out.  About ten minutes later I went out to check on him.  I found him chopping down a twenty foot cedar tree.

I watched for a minute, and he was really going to town on the tree.  He had it almost chopped down.

It was hung up in the other trees, but he was determined.  I asked if I could help push it down, but I couldn't budge it.  Next thing I know, down it came right next to the stump but was still standing straight.  No that isn't blood on the tree stump.  It's a cedar tree and the heart of the tree is red like that, but at quick glance it was a little frightening. 

By that time his parents returned.  His dad helped him finish the job for now.  They pushed the tree down and he cut it in half.  I'm not sure what he will do with it, but he chose it because it was so straight.  At this stage of the project, he had to go home.  Our next family get together will be in six weeks when we have our annual St. Patrick's Day meal and Leprechaun search.  Hopefully it will be a nice day for working outside because I'm certain he will have his knife and hatchet with him.


  1. If I could be his age again I'd be right there with him! I loved being outdoors...

  2. Thank you, Barb, for sharing your experiences with us. Ewan warms my heart and makes me smile. Fun watching our Grandchildren follow their dreams. Take care my friend. Hugs.