Friday, February 15, 2013

Thrift Stores Aren't What They Used to Be

I was really looking forward to today.   My husband was going to Fond du lac to get our car serviced.  I knew that city had a huge St. Vincent du Paul store,  and I had been there briefly a couple of times.

I decided that I would ride along and be dropped off at the thrift store.  I pictured myself grabbing one of those old grocery carts and taking my time, looking at everything.  My husband would come back and pick me up when he was finished at the car dealership.  Everything went as planned.  I got dad his breakfast early, I filled a thermos full of coffee for him and set out some cookies to tied him over until we got home.  I would feel really terrible if he starved while I was roaming around in a thrift store.  We traveled to Fond du lac and I hopped out of the car.  I told him not to hurry back, I would be fine.  I grabbed the cart and began looking for all those treasures.  I started out in the clothing section, then purses, shoes, housewares... NOTHING.  I looked at furniture and books and found nothing.  All I saw was Junk.  Either the word is out that you can find really good stuff at thrift stores or people aren't donating things anymore.  In the past I have found Dale of Norway sweaters, Coach purses, Kurig coffee makers and tons of other interesting items.  I thought my husband would never return.  I think the check out lady thought I was stalking her because I made the circuit around the store so many times.  I finally settled on one thing, a little piece of Mexican pottery.   I knew it was Mexican because it said MEXICO on the bottom  unless someone wrote it in permanent marker.  I do collect that type of pottery and it was only $1.  I couldn't go home completely empty handed.

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