Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Towel Bars made out of a Willow Tree

The bathrooms in our house were in need of complete remodels when we purchased our house.  The upstairs bath was one of the first projects.  Luckily we happened on a hickory vanity and linen cabinet at a local lumber yard.  It looked rustic enough for the cabin.  It didn't come with a mirror so my husband bought hickory lumber and made a frame to match the cabinet and we installed the framed mirror over the vanity.

The project was almost done, but we needed towel bars.  Nothing we saw looked right so we got the bright idea of going down in the marsh and collecting some willow branches.  We thought it would give us a couple years of use and time to decide what we wanted.  That was ten years ago and they are still functioning just fine.  You never know what you can find in your own backyard.  They were hard to photograph, but you get the idea.

With the scraps that were left, we also made a shelf.

Willow branches are very flexible.  We bought two chairs from a local craftsman.  He used the same type of willow material as we used.  The best part is that Willows  grow very quickly so in a short time you would never know that we cut some branches for our towel bars.

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