Friday, May 24, 2013

Benches Made From An Old Table Leaf

We are trying to get organized.  It is a constant battle.  We have so many photos that never got put into albums.  We also have photos from my grandma and photos from my mom.  I tried to deal with these bins of pictures but there is some defect in my personality that I can not stand going through photos.  When I want to find one, I rummage through making a bigger mess until I find the one I want.  While looking for another photo recently, I came across these photos.  This is a project we did in our last house many years ago.  It is another repurposing project that I want to share.  Our old house had a little jog in the kitchen.  It didn't fit a kitchen table very well, so I came up with this set up.  We had an old library table that we wanted to use for a table, but we didn't have any chairs that fit.  We did have a few old oak table leaves from an old table that was long gone and part of an oak headboard.  We had two benches made from the wood in these items.   My husband didn't do these, even though he was capable.  We found a retired man who did woodworking projects.  He made these awesome benches in the same style as the table.  We still use the benches to this day.

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