Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Searching for Golf Balls

Jack is my second to the youngest grandchild.  He will be five at the end of June.  Jack is our outdoor buddy.  When he comes out to our house to visit, he always wants to go exploring or treasure hunting.  It is a challenge sometimes because he can fit under branches and small places that we can't. 

The other day his mom had to work a little later and I picked Jack up from 4K.  We barely got into the driveway and Jack wanted to go searching for golf balls.  My daughter lives on a golf course and many renegade golf balls end up in the woods behind their house.  It is something Jack and I often do.  He leads me through the brush, up hills and down, and back into a little ravine which sometimes has mud and water.  A lot of golf balls end up here.  Sometimes I spy a ball and mention it, but mostly he wants to find them himself.  We have a great time.  Thank goodness for these wonderful phones we have now days that take awesome pictures without carrying around another camera. 

And we are off on our adventure.
I see one.
Another one hidden in the leaves

Did he find it?

Yes, here is another one.

This one was barely showing, but Jack found it.

We took along his little stuffed dog to help.

How many is that?
We found 15 of them today.  One was ripped so Jack was trying see what is inside a golf ball.

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