As little Jenny Wren
Was sitting by the shed
She waggled with her tail,
And nodded with her head.
She waggled with her tail,
And nodded with her head,
As little Jenny Wren
Was sitting by the shed.

Don't let looks fool you.  This bird is a murderer.  They destroy bird eggs and kill baby birds.  I wrote a little about them in my blog of 1/24/13 called Eastern Bluebirds Can Stay All Winter in Wisconsin...

Today I saw him/her in action again.   It was so busy going in and out of the tree swallow house and removing nesting material.  Fortunately the little baby Tree Swallows had just fledged a day earlier.  I took photos of them just before they left the nest.

Baby Tree Swallow ready to fly.

Siblings fighting to see who goes first.
The wren began by taking out all of the downy nesting material.  Tree Swallows line the nest with soft feathers just before they lay the eggs.  We lost our bluebird nest this year.  I am sure the House Wren was responsible for that.  Bluebirds and Tree Swallows Finally Nesting

The wren was inside the house removing the feathers.

There is nothing we can do about these nasty little birds either.  They are a native bird and protected.  So whenever you see a birdhouse filled with sticks but no nest or eggs, that is the work of the House Wren.  They fill up every house they can so no other birds can build a nest.   When you hear their pretty little song in the future, maybe it will not sound so pretty anymore.