Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Amazing Work of Art in Nathan Strong Park

Last month I went trick or treating with my grandchildren in Berlin Wisconsin.  While they were going door to door, I walked around in a nearby park.  It was a park that my dad and mom would go to during the short time they lived in Berlin.  Their apartment was nearby and in the fall they went to the park, just to get some fresh air.  It was a little sad to think of that time.

While looking around, I noticed something new in the park.  It was a special clock built by a local man and donated to the community.  It was put in place in a temperature controlled gazebo by the Rotary Club and Friends of the Park.  It is made out various types of wood.  The gears are made out of plywood glued together at different angles to avoid warping.  The sides explain the history of the cannons and a monument in the park.  It also has engravings of all 49 past mayors of the city dating back to 1857.  Although this is in a neighboring community, it is a pretty amazing work or art.

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