Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cutting Evergreens for Decoration

Well, Thanksgiving is past and I have a good start on my Christmas decorations.  Every year I try to cut back a little and not get so stressed out.  Thank goodness I can depend on my daughters for gift ideas for the kids.  Half the time I don't have a clue what the older kids are asking for.  My granddaughter saw my phone and said "I see you upgraded to OS7".  I asked her how she knew that and she said "it looks entirely different".  It looks almost the same to me.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is a day my daughters come out to our house to cut evergreens.  They get a variety to decorate their homes.  We have a little bit of everything from cedar to soft white pine.  It was a pleasant day with temperatures in the 40's.  I think we need some snow to make it feel more like Christmas.

Heather cutting greens for decoration.

She didn't bring the pickup truck this year, but she filled the trunk.

Sarah sent a photo of the first project.  She just needs a bow.

After lunch the kids went out to play.  They went for a walk in the woods, played football and played with the dog.  Piper got quite a workout.  I bet she is tired tonight.

Playing outside with Piper.

See the shovel on one side of the garage door and a rake on the other.  You never know which you will need around here.

Piper waiting patiently for someone to chase.

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