Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Today is Tuesday recipe day, but it is also New Year's Eve.  I thought I could post a delicious recipe and then wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  I happen to have some left over cranberries and some yellow delicious apples that need to be used up.  Last week, on Christmas Eve, I posted a Banana Bread recipe that was made in a crockpot.  The recipe I was going to post today is also made in a crockpot. It was another quick bread made with apples and cranberries.   I got out all of my ingredients.  I chopped the cranberries and apples.  I put all the dry ingredients into one bowl, and all the wet ingredients into another bowl.  The first thing that went wrong was that the recipe called for orange juice.  I didn't have any or any oranges to juice.  I also needed the zest of the orange.  Oh well, I'll just use water.  The bread wouldn't be cranberry, apple, orange bread, it would just be cranberry-apple bread.  No big deal.  Then I started mixing it, but something was wrong.  It was then that I realized I had put in twice as much liquid as it called for.  My multi-taking skills are not as sharp as they once were.  I thought about throwing it away, but then I thought I would put in another cup of flour.  Actually I was going to double everything but the dough was really stiff with just one.  I wondered at this point if I had put in too much liquid or if it was the right amount to begin with.  Being very confused, I just put it in a loaf pan and baked it for an hour.  Maybe I will try again in the future and actually post the recipe.

This is the bread I made.  It looks pretty good, tastes pretty good
and you can't tell it weighs five pounds.

Later tonight we celebrate New Year's Eve with our grandchildren.  This year we will only have two at our house celebrating.  We have plenty of snacks and sparkling grape juice for later.  They wanted mashed potatoes for dinner and didn't care what we had with them.  I think I can handle that.  I made roast beef with the potatoes forgetting that Sam has braces.  Poor kid was trying to cut the meat into tiny little pieces.  I finally made him a hamburger, and that was easier for him to eat.  It should be a quiet entrance into the new year unless something else goes just slightly wrong.  Oops, my dad just got a nosebleed.   

They played their electronics for a while.

Even better, they are playing a board game.
Happy 2014 To Everyone

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