Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Three Weeks Until Christmas 2013

Santa's watching us to see if we are naughty or nice.
It's exactly three weeks until Christmas, but it sure didn't seem that way.  It was a very dark, dreary, foggy day.  Other parts of our state of Wisconsin had a lot of snow, but we had rain.  The temperatures will be falling drastically in the next 24 hours, and I imagine the snow will be reaching us soon.  I hope so, we like it when we have a white Christmas.

The temperature was around 44 today, so some of the ice has melted.

A damp, dreary, foggy day.

Gun hunting season ended last Sunday.  Monday there was a doe and two small bucks on the trail camera, but I haven't seen any since.  I hope our deer made it though the hunting season.  It has been raining, and the deer aren't as active in this kind of weather.  Hopefully I will see them soon.

We went to a local health food store today.  With all the talk of shopping locally I wanted to give them some business.  It was sad.  I doubt if he will be able to stay in business for very much longer.  The shelves were almost bare.  He said his business partner had already left, but he was trying to weather the lack of business.   I felt obligated to buy something.  I won't bother with any photos of the place because I imagine he will be gone before the end of the year.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a nicer day for the deer, for the small business owners and for getting into the swing of the Christmas season.

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