Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Day In My Life

It is almost impossible to find things to write about on these long winter days.   Today was a good example of how uneventful a lot of these days are.  I won't bore you will an hour by hour account.  It is get up, make coffee, turn on the news, watch the birds, wait for my dad to get up, give him his coffee, watch more news, blah, blah, blah.

It snowed a little today and the birds were very busy at the feeders.  I take pictures through the window.  So far I have so many pictures of birds, I will have to start deleting them very soon.  How many pictures does a person need of the same birds.

We did go to the feed mill to buy more shelled corn for the deer.  We bought 100 pounds so that should last for a while.

I imagine they thought this was really funny.

We went to the local Piggly Wiggly and bought the special deals.  Regular priced items, from the only grocery store within many miles, are very expensive.  Our store has a carry out lady that is at least our age or older.  I always feel weird when she puts on her Babushka to carry out our groceries.  Today we declined and said we could handle them ourselves.

Later this afternoon we went to the school to walk.  Tonight we did 18 trips around the school and I got over 4000 steps.   That was good considering I was down on my steps today.  We are usually the only community people walking.  That surprises me especially when the sidewalks and roads are so icy.

That's it for today.  Kind of boring but that's my everyday life.

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