Friday, February 14, 2014

The Often Overlooked Mourning Dove

Today I'm dedicating my blogpost to the Mourning Dove.  They aren't flashy and beautiful so most of the time I tend to ignore them.  The last couple days I took a closer look at them, and I decided that they deserve some time and attention.  My husband thinks they are not very smart, but that's because their head is out of proportion to their body.  He claims they can't have very many brains in that tiny little head.  That may be true but they are peaceful and I have very rarely seen them fight or even ruffle their feathers at each other.  I have heard that they mate for life, but that doesn't mean much because they don't live very long.  They are a target for hawks and eagles.  This county in Wisconsin also has a hunting season for these birds.  No wonder they make such a mournful sound.

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