Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today is Amish Ascension Day

It is already the end of May, and we still hadn't purchased our flowers to plant outside.  Somehow the month just got away from us.  There is always something to do or the weather doesn't cooperate.  My husband had some things to do this morning but around noon we decided it was time to go to the Amish greenhouses.  We thought they might be picked over, but we wanted we would try them anyway.

As we pulled into the first place, everything was quiet.  There were no customers and there was a sign in the window that said they were closed.  That seemed strange on a Thursday afternoon.  It crossed my mind that they were sold out.  Luckily there are several other greenhouses in the area, so off we went to our next stop.  Hmmm, they were closed too.  Then the next also had a closed sign on the door.  We thought there may be a funeral in the Amish community or something else was going on.  The fourth place we stopped at answered the question.  The sign said it was closed for Ascension Day.  I admit, I'm not a very good student of religion.  I thought Christ ascended into heaven on the third day.  I had to look it up.  I found that "The Amish Ascension Day is celebrated each year in June. It is celebrated to signify the day that Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven, and is observed forty days after Easter Sunday."  Now I know and that it is a very special day for them.  In this area, all of their businesses are closed.

I really didn't have time to take a leisurely drive in the country, but we had no choice.  I asked my phone to take us to a greenhouse.  Siri directed us to a very large greenhouse about 10 miles away.  I didn't know where to start.  The Amish greenhouses are small and easy to maneuver.  This one was huge and a little pricey.  I settled on a flat of wax begonias, and we decided to go home.  On the way home, I saw a hand written sign saying "hanging baskets for sale".  We decided to check it out. As we pulled up to the house,  an old couple were hoeing their garden.  They had some hanging baskets and individual plants for sale.  They were quite nice.  I felt I should buy something.  I bought a small basket, and some perennials. 

Shasta Daisy

Pink Dianthus

Hen and Chicks

This day was a little confusing and the day didn't go the way I thought it would, but it ended well.  The plants are planted and it isn't June yet.  I need a few more, but it is a good start.

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