Friday, August 29, 2014

Norwex and E-cloths My New Favorites

I write about house cleaning products often.  You would think I would have the cleanest house around.  I do NOT.  I often post concoctions for cleaning.  Most of them work quite well and use a combination of vinegar and baking soda.  The trick is that a lot of things work well, but you have to use them.  That is why I'm always looking for an easier way.  The two things I still have trouble with is windows and the grease splatters on my black gas stove.  I now have the answer.  The initial investment is expensive, but I had heard so many good reviews for these products that I took the plunge.  They are Norwex towels and e-cloths.  E-cloths are less expensive so I bought that set just for windows and mirrors.  They are different colors than the Norwex towels, so I won't get them mixed up. 

Norwex is a micro fiber towel that looks just like the other micro fiber towels you see from the Dollar Store, but the difference is that the fibers are much smaller and closer together.  It also has silver threads running through it.  The silver cleans the towel in between uses.  Once you’ve wiped up dirt, bacteria and viruses with your cloth, the silver works to inactivate the bacteria and viruses within the cloth.  It does this by suffocating the bacteria so that it doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to survive. After about 18 to 20 hours, your Norwex cloth will be much cleaner than it was when you finished cleaning with it.  In fact a study was done using a paper towel, a regular micro fiber towel and a Norwex towel.  They cleaned up a spill and cultured it for a period of time.  The paper towel was the worse with no bacterial killing ability, the regular micro fiber was better but the Norwex killed over 90% of the bacteria.  All you use is water.  You don't need a cleaner of any kind.  When the towels are dirty, I just throw them in the washing machine.  Apparently you can dry them in the dryer but I just air dry.  Usually I just rinse them out and hang for the next use.  To use, the cleaning towel has to be dampened with water.  I keep this set for my stove, microwave, counter and any other kitchen appliance.  I have a black refrigerator that would get a white dusty film on it.  The Norwex cleans it right off and doesn't just move it around.  Norwex has many products, but I have only used the enviro towel and window polishing towel which I use mainly on the countertop.  There are tons of links comparing Norwex with E-cloths and reviewing the products.  If you have doubts, just read what others say.

It looks like these are about ready for the washer.

The next product I love is the e-cloths.  They are much cheaper than the Norwex.  I bought mine on Amazon.  I have only used this set for windows and mirrors, but they are wonderful.  Just wet the towel, wipe down the mirror or window,  and dry with the polishing towel.  There are no streaks or film left behind.  I bought a white window miracle cleaning towel at one time at the flea market.  It worked great until I washed it and then it left behind lint on the bathroom mirror.  I never got it back to it's original condition.

I have no stock in these products.  I don't sell them or receive any compensation for this review, it is only my personal experience.  The money saved in cleaning products will pay for these items in a hurry.  The Norwex set was $35 and the e-cloth set was $14. 

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