Friday, September 26, 2014

Chicken Scratch Vintage Antiques

I like to write about local points of interest.  We don't have a lot of commercial type big box stores out here in the less populated areas of south central Wisconsin.  What we do have is wonderful little stores and shops carrying very unique items.  I wrote about Saving Grace in Berlin, Wisconsin about a year ago 

Last Saturday my daughter and I discovered another similar place on a smaller scale.  It is called Chicken Scratch.  It is named this because it has beautiful unusual looking chickens running around.  It is a newly opened business and is only open every other weekend.  It sells items that are old and vintage.  Some of the merchandise are items that all of us have thrown out.   People were flocking to this sale and walking out with all kinds of old unique items. 

Most of you know that I knit a lot of socks.  I love to block them with wooden sock blockers.  I have a few, but I found another one at Chicken Scratch.  It is for a very large foot (maybe Big Foot), but I love to imagine how many socks were dried on these items.  I usually use the smaller ones for my socks.

Second from the left is my new sock blocker. 

I also bought this pottery plate.

If you are interested in more pictures and information, they have a Facebook page.  You can see some of the unique items they have to decorate your home, porch and yards.  You can also stay updated on dates and times of the many fall and holiday sale events they have planned.

In fact, their next sale is Friday Oct 3rd and Sat Oct 4th 10 - 5.  The City of Berlin, Wisconsin is hosting a Pumpkins on the Petunias event downtown so there will be a lot to do.  

Chicken Scratch is located at:

N217 Hwy 49
Berlin, WI
(920) 361- 3887

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