Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crickets In The Basement

This is going to be a quick little blog.  Last weekend we were at my daughters old farmhouse that they recently bought.  They are still busy getting it ready to move in, but everything takes longer than it should.  They are close to finishing up and have done a ton of work.  She asked me if I had a home remedy for getting rid of crickets.  She said she can hear crickets in the basement, and the sound is annoying.  I had no idea.  We have had country critters, but crickets haven't been an issue.  I kind of like their sound, but probably not in the house.  She decided to search for a remedy and found a good solution.  Just take a strip of duct tape, lay it next to the foundation upside down so the sticky side is up, stick a couple pieces of dog food to the tape and wait.  This was what she found in the morning.  I think it works and doesn't use harsh insect sprays.  Sometimes the easiest method is the best.

Two pieces of dog food and sticky tape does the trick.

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