Friday, January 9, 2015

Poor Little Deer

It is still cold.  Yesterday we received about three inches of snow throughout the day.  At dusk I noticed a small sized deer under our bird feeders.  We think it is one of the twins who come regularly.  The mother and the other young deer were off near the edge of the woods.  Eventually they walked off together, but I noticed one of the young deer was limping.

Today that was confirmed.  The little deer came back to bird feeder and then went over to our perennial garden.  He or she was limping badly.

It is so sad to see.  Today I didn't see the mom or sibling.  I hope she didn't lose them or worse yet, I hope they didn't abandon her.  I took a number of photos before she left.

I zoomed in and it looks like a puncture wound behind her right front leg.
  I hope it isn't a bullet hole.  There is another wound on the right back leg.

She was looking over her shoulder for something.

Then she looked directly at me.  I wish I could help her.

After she had eaten several dried leaves and seed pods, she walked away in the opposite direction. 

For those of you who read my blog, you are familiar with another deer we call limpy.  She made it through the brutal winter we had last year.  She had a fawn this past Spring and we see her with her young one often.  She has a hind leg injury or malformation, but this little one may have more problems with the front leg injury.  I hope she doesn't get an infection.  I will put extra food out for her and hopefully she can heal.

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