Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We're Ready For The Tooth Fairy

A week ago my daughter and her husband had the pleasure of attending a Neil Diamond concert in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  My daughter isn't quite forty years old but she loves this seventy four year old singer.  It was an evening concert so rather than stay with our grandson at their house, we had Ewan and the dog Piper stay overnight with us.  Ewan came packed with everything he could possibly need.  His backpack was like Mary Poppin's bag.  He unpacked all his exploring supplies like a journal and a magnifying glass with a tweezers to identify and record anything we found.  He had a telescope, his pet rock, markers, books, paper, his clothes, toothbrush, a plush rabbit he had recently won in a drawing,

and last but not least he brought his tooth pillow just in case he lost a tooth.  He is only five and hasn't lost a tooth yet, but you have to be prepared.  I'm sure I am forgetting some of the treasures he brought, but the tooth pillow is what I want to tell you about.

Back in 1980 when my youngest daughter was five, we acquired a tooth pillow.  I thought I made it but my daughter has a memory of buying it at a place in Madison Wisconsin that sold crafts.  If I didn't make this one, I am sure I made others or repaired this one several times.

This pillow is made with two squares of fabric about six inches square.  The gingham check makes it even easier to cut two pieces the same size.  All you do is count the squares.  Then take smaller piece of fabric to make a pocket.  Sew the pocket on the outside of one of the squares, put the right sides together and sew almost all around, turn it right side out, stuff it with some batting and hand sew it shut.  There you have it, a tooth pillow.  Then when the child has lost their tooth, they put it in the pocket so the tooth fairy can retrieve it easily and leave them some money.  My daughter used this pillow for all of her teeth and her oldest son used it for all of his teeth.  Inflation has even hit the tooth fairy business.  My daughter probably got a dime or a quarter, our grandson got two dollar bills and I imagine the going rate is even more.  I heard some child say they got a five dollar bill.   

I am so glad Ewan brought this with him as I had forgotten about this memory.  He also carries a handkerchief in his pocket just like his papa.   Many years ago when papa was in school, his first grade teacher would check every day to make sure the kids had clean finger nails and carried a handkerchief.  It carried through life and my husband always has a white handkerchief in his pocket.  Ewan noticed that and is continuing the tradition. He won't leave home without a handkerchief in his pocket.  Oh to be five again.  Then again, maybe not.  I would pee my pants at recess so I could go home.  Not a pleasant memory but one I will always remember.

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