Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mother Deer and Her Fawn

It is finally nice enough for my 90 year old dad to sit out on the screened porch.  He spends most of the day out there listening to his books or just listening to sounds of nature.  Between the frogs and birds there is always something going on.  Every now and then I go out to see if he needs anything like coffee or a snack.  I usually sit for a short time to tell him about the bluebirds or any other activity I have noticed.  I tell him about what animals appeared on the trail camera during the previous twenty four hours.  Last night we had some rambunctious raccoons, a fox, a lot of squirrels and birds and one solitary deer.  We were talking about the deer and how we should be seeing some fawns soon.  As we were talking, I heard splashing in the water.  I thought it was a duck scurrying her babies to safety, but I got out of the chair to check.   Right below the deck in the reeds I saw a deer.  She was splashing as she walked through the shallow water.  As I looked closer, I saw she had a fawn.  I ran for the camera just as she was trying to cross the water.  She was able to jump across but I worried that that baby would drown.  It didn't, it swam.  The little fawn swam to the other side.  I was able to capture a couple pictures, but I wish I would have seen them earlier.  You may have to look closely to see the fawn because she is still very small.

A few days later it was raining.  My husband called me into the dining room to look out the window.  There was another mama deer but this one had twin fawns.  They were chasing and playing, and weren't paying any attention to the rain.  It was such a wonderful experience to see.

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