Monday, October 12, 2015

My 50th Class Reunion

This past weekend my husband and I attended my 50th high school class reunion.  It is the first reunion I have ever attended.  For as happy and contented as my life is now, it wasn't always that way.  My school days were anything but happy days.  We moved several times in my early grades and by the time my parents got settled, I was in the middle of fourth grade.  I transferred in February of that year and felt behind academically and socially.  By the middle of a school year in a fairly small school, most friendships have been established.  Most kids had been friends since an early age and so were their parents.  Most of my school years I felt invisible.  I wasn't bullied, I just felt that I didn't really exist.  I remember sitting at school dances all by myself.  I didn't get invited to parties or slumber parties or dances.  I'm not saying that for sympathy.  I have learned that many many people felt the very same way.  I think it is the feelings all young people experience to some extent during adolescence.  No matter what the outside appearance, you can't always tell what is going on inside.  It is something to remember with our own children and grandchildren.  What you see isn't necessarily what is happening.   Perception isn't always reality.  Everyone is on a journey.  In hind sight my miserable school years were mostly my own fault.  I have learned you can't sit back and wait for anything to come your way, you need to go after what you want.  That is why it took fifty years for me to attend a class reunion.  I am so happy I went, but I'm also happy I waited fifty years.  My life path has taken me where I am today.  Watching nature and living a simple life has taught me what is important.  If you are lucky enough to live this long, age also teaches what is important and what is not.  Things aren't important, people and relationships are.  I do regret not moving around the room enough to speak to more people, but it appeared that everyone felt included and had a great time.   At least I hope so.  Age is a great equalizer and hopefully it brings with it great insight and wisdom.  Imagine how smart we will be in another twenty five years.

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