Saturday, February 20, 2016

Winter Tubing At Nordic Mountain

It's February 20, 2016, and we are having a February thaw going on here in Wisconsin.  Today the temperature was near 50 degrees.  The snow is melting and there are puddles everywhere.  I was a bit surprised when my daughters told me they were taking the kids Snow Tubing.  I asked them how they could tube when the snow was melting so fast.  They said that the ski hill makes snow, and they have a deep base.  It was a perfect day to tube.  We decided to take a drive to watch them for a while.  It must have been a perfect day because the place was full.  They were at capacity, and there was a waiting line.

Entrance sign to the ski hill.

As we drove in, we saw the tubing, snow board and sking hills were all busy.

Get your tickets here.

View from the road.

We pulled into a very muddy parking area, and one of our daughters met us.  The kids had already taken a couple trips down the hill.  We were able to walk over and watch the process.  There were a lot of families but several adults were there playing without any children.  There was a lot of fun to go around.

My husband, daughter Heather and myself




Sarah and Jack

Before getting in line for the tow rope, read the rules.  If you die, it isn't their fault.

Waiting in line for the tow rope.

After a short time waiting in line,  it was their turn.  The tubing hill employee attaches the rope, and they pull you up the hill.  It looks like fun to get pulled slowly  up the hill.

Once they were at the top of the hill, they had to wait until the people below were out of the way. 

Then back up the hill again to wait in line.

This trip everyone goes down the hill holding on to each other.

Once at the bottom of the hill,

they all pile out of the tubes for another run.

It was a fun day.  I would think everyone is very tired from all the walking and fresh February air.  It does my heart good to see our daughters and our grandsons having a day to remember.  Our only granddaughter Melissa was busy today.  She had dress rehearsal for their upcoming high school play.  I'm sure she didn't mind.   What she was doing was just as much fun for her.

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