Monday, April 25, 2016

Osprey Nesting 2016

Over the years I have blogged about the Osprey we see in our area of Wisconsin.

It's always a thrill, but I could never get great photos because the birds were either out hunting, too far away or being blocked by branches in our trees.  Fortunately for us, the Green Team working with Alliant Energy has built four Osprey nesting platforms in different locations not too far from our house.  The Green Team is a partnership of several organizations which introduce all the special things Green Lake Wisconsin has to offer.   It is a group of volunteers who dedicate their time and effort for everyone to enjoy events and nature around Green Lake.

The first breeding nest I ever saw was several years ago on the lights of the baseball diamond in downtown Green Lake.   This year a lot of people will have that opportunity.  It seems that three of the four platform sites have attracted a breeding pair of Osprey.  Perhaps there is time for the fourth platform to welcome another pair as well.

Today we saw the Osprey pair who have taken over the Silver Creek Inlet platform along Hwy. A.  I expected a more elaborate nest.  This one looks like a few sticks were brought in and that was good enough.  Maybe they aren't finished with the nest, but she is sitting there looking like she is incubating eggs.  I will report further when they are hatched.  We have the perfect setting for such a platform on our property.  I wonder how we could make that happen.  Wouldn't it be amazing to sit on our deck and see these beautiful raptors nesting?

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