Sunday, July 30, 2017

Another Life Lesson

I am usually very careful on the internet, but I was recently duped.  I have been looking for some new blouses.  I can't stand the new fabrics and styles they sell these days.  They may look cute on a sixteen year old, but not on someone my age.  I went so far as to buy a pattern with the intention of sewing my own tops.  Then one day I saw an ad pop up on Facebook.  The clothes looked like something I would be interested in.  I clicked on the link and found a couple I liked.  They were very inexpensive with free shipping.  That should have been my first clue.  I clicked on the link and it said  I assumed (falsely) that the company was an American company.  The shipping was not only free but the shipping time was very fast and it had a rebate from  I placed an order for one shirt.  Immediately I received a confirmation with an order number and then a shipping email with the website.  I was looking forward to getting the blouse in a few days.  I hadn't received it in 3 or 4 days so I decided to check the status.  Lo and behold the shipping information was from someplace in China.  I couldn't even pronounce the name. 

Then I waited to get the item.  Eleven days later I got an email saying that the item was delayed due to some issues with the shipping company.  I don't know why they sent the email because the blouse  arrived the very same day.  I checked my payment, and it was paid through London.

The blouse itself looks like the photo although it is quite flimsy and see through.  I will wear it because I still like the pattern.  I wet it to see if it would disintegrate, it didn't, but I haven't washed it.  It may be a one hit wonder.

I was pretty angry that they weren't up front about it's origin.  All I could picture was little five year old children sitting in sweat shops making these blouses.  If I choose to order from this type of company, it's my choice but I don't want to be tricked.  The lesson for me is to be more careful and not to take things at face value.

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