Friday, August 11, 2017

Sometimes Things Just Work Out

A few weeks ago we put in new hickory floors in our living room and bedroom.  We wanted to match the ones we already had in our kitchen and dining area. 

The carpet in these rooms was old and dirtier than we thought.  That was apparent when all the furniture was removed from the rooms.  It was a lot of work moving the furniture out of the rooms, but it was worth it.  It was something we wanted to do for a long time, and finally got it done. When the floors were done my husband and other family members thought it was time for a new television to go with the new look.  They wanted a new "smart" TV, but since I don't watch that much television in that room, I thought the "dumb" TV was just fine.  The "smart" TV would connect to Netflix, Hulu and Youtube with the wifi we already have.  We already have computers, tablets and phones that do that so what was the point.  The real reason I didn't want to get a new television was that I didn't want to give up the entertainment center that held the "dumb" TV.  The first reason was that the cabinet was so heavy that no one could lift it.  What on earth would we  do with it.  The thrift stores are full of old entertainment centers and no one is buying them, nor are they taking old TVs.  Most of these cabinets don't fit the new televisions .  The second reason was this cabinet was where I displayed my seasonal decorations especially Halloween and Snow Villages.

Being married 49 years means we have had years of practicing compromise.  I wanted to keep my cabinet for display purposes but also log homes don't have a lot of wall space to hang a television on.  I didn't want a modern television and a bunch of cords hanging over our rustic fireplace.  That would be just plain ugly.  My husband wanted a new TV.  The compromise was remodeling the old cabinet to fit a 55 inch "smart" TV.  

While the flooring installers were here, we asked them to carry the big heavy 36 inch TV out to our truck.  They said "no problem" but as they were sweating carrying it out, I think it was a bit of a problem.   Then we found a place that takes TV's because nobody wants them anymore (except me).  We had to pay $20 to get rid of it.  Getting rid of the TV meant there was no turning back.  At first modifying the old cabinet seemed like we opened a can of worms, and it might not be possible.  We decided if it didn't work out it was fine.  My husband knew either way he was getting a new television, and I knew there was a possibility I could keep my cabinet.  If not, maybe I could find something I liked that would work.

We took out all the components.  The whole right side of the cabinet had a glass door and shelves which held a stereo system, the Direct TV receiver, a DVD player and a VHS player (yes we still had one of those too).  He took the door off and most of the shelves out.

Then we bought some oak boards and some stain that matched the wood in the cabinet.  He cut back the center partition and framed out the top, center strip and sides.  The new televisions are so much thinner it didn't have to be cut back all the way.  Then some glue, a few clamps and a little stain made it match pretty well.

Once the cabinet was done, we had to find a TV that would fit.  We didn't think it would be a problem, but it was.  We measured down to the 1/8 inch.  Most 55" TVs were to tall.  We found one that would fit but the base wasn't right.  Another was a brand we had never heard of and didn't want to take a chance.  Finally we found a 55 inch Sony but it was still 1/4 inch too high.  It had a stand that would probably work.   We bought it, but had to make adjustments to make it fit. He had to use the router and take out some material so the stand could sit down in a groove.  We held our breath (at least I did) as we placed the TV into the cabinet.  It fit like a glove. 

We finally have arrived in the 21st century.  My husband is happy and has more TV programs than he will ever be able to watch.  I am happy because I still have my cabinet to put my decorations on. 

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