Sunday, November 12, 2017

Another Great High School Musical-Fiddler on the Roof

It is high school musical time again.  I have blogged about every school play my grandchildren have been in so I'm doing it again.  This time it was Berlin High School's performance of Fiddler on the Roof.  I think every school tells this story at one time or another.  I love it every time I see it, but it's especially special when I see my grandchildren in it.

Sam and Melissa

Melissa is now a junior in high school.  She played one of the five daughters named Bielke.

Sam is in eighth grade.  They needed two young boys for the matchmaker to present as potential suitors.  Melissa recruited her brother for the part.  He didn't have to speak, but it was fun to see him on stage.

Sam is the young man on the right.

The director's choice for the main character, Tevye, was spot on.  He has a powerful voice and did a great job.  This actor is a senior in high school this year but will be pursuing acting in college and yes that is his real beard.

Everyone worked very hard with the set, the sound, the pit orchestra and the acting.  It is so refreshing to see so many students participating.  It isn't easy being a young person in today's world, and this is a great activity for them to do.

These musicals always happen around my granddaughter's and my birthday.  Hers is a week before mine.  I can't think of a better birthday present.  Congratulations to everyone involved.

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