Sunday, March 18, 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2018 is in the books.  It was another fun family time.    It's close to being one of our favorite holidays. I am linking the last two years for those who haven't seen the progression or to refresh your memory.  I had to read them again myself, which is the reason I write this blog.

We started out with a lot of food.  Again this year I made four corned beefs and three racks of ribs with the fixin's.  I made dinner rolls and beer bread.  We also had a lot of deserts.  Beth, my daughter's mother in law made a couple wonderful deserts and a fruit bowl which I appreciated.  I didn't get pictures, but my daughter took this picture of some of the food. 

After dinner, as is tradition, we had to check on our resident leprechaun.  We weren't sure if he was back in Wisconsin yet, but the weather has been fairly nice so it was a possibility.  After checking out his old location for any activity, the boys decided to look where he resided last year.

Oh my gosh I don't know how the leprechaun, which we named Shamus, did it, but he has been busy.  He improved his property.  The first thing he added was a fire pit.  I suppose he had to keep warm on some of these cool nights.

The next and more important improvement was an outhouse.  Last year the boys were wondering if Shamus snuck into peoples houses or where he went to the bathroom.  I guess that isn't a problem any longer.

They found a hidden stash of coins and a few extras in the house, but the leprechaun was no where to be found.  The house was rearranged slightly, but that was all.  They looked all around, but didn't find any clues.

It was a perfectly wonderful day.  It was sunny and warm.  We were even able to spend time on the deck for the first time this spring.  Needless to say, I didn't eat tonight.  Well, maybe a little piece of cake.

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