Tuesday, May 4, 2021

DNA Runs Deep

Our DNA is very interesting.  Why do certain families have a propensity to certain vocations?  At first look it would seem if a family member was a teacher, then perhaps since it is familiar it causes others to go into teaching.  I think it's probably a combination of interest and exposure.  There were several teachers in my family.  Then our daughter became a pharmacist.  She didn't realize at the time that her dad started out in pharmacy and several members on her grandmothers side of the family were in pharmacy.  I did not inherit any of these interests.  I take after my grandma.  My grandma could make a mean fried chicken, she didn't like to do dishes and she would take on a repair job even if it wasn't done according to code.  One day my grandma wanted a bigger opening into her kitchen.  She had a regular sized doorway, but she wanted an archway.  She didn't ask anyone, she just took a handsaw and started to cut an opening the size she wanted.  How she didn't electrocute herself is a miracle.  When she got the shape she wanted, she bent a piece of Masonite and finished it off.  Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.  

I have written about fixing a food saver and my coffee pot but last week I had a new project to fix.  This wasn't electrical so it was safer.  It was the pull out chef's pantry in my refrigerator.  

Somehow a small plastic tab had broken off causing the cover to fall off.  

My husband would have gotten to it eventually, but my mantra is "I don't care when you do it as long as it's now".  I rarely procrastinate because I want it out of my mind.  My mind is cluttered enough.  

The first thing I did was find the brand and model number inside the refrigerator.  Thank goodness for the internet because this would have been more of a problem years ago.  Appliance repair people aren't that easy to find.  Back in 2015 my dryer started squeaking and screeching when I dried a load of clothes.  I called a repairman and set up a time for him to come.  My sister was coming to spend a few days with our dad, and I didn't think she would appreciate that sound.  The repair person didn't show up, and to this day the dryer is still screeching.  It's in the basement and out of my ear shot so I don't mind it.  One day soon it will either stop working or I will tackle that.  

I quickly found a company that had the exact refrigerator part I needed.  I ordered it and within two days I had the part.  The website included a simple step by step video.  All that was needed was a certain type nut driver which we had.


I removed the screws.  One was stuck so I needed to spray a little WD-40, but it was a fairly straight forward process.

 In a few minutes the tray was fixed and everything was back to normal.  Grandma would be proud.

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