Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Now you See it and Now you Don't

I learned something new today.  Over Christmas I took some photos, as I usually do .  Sometimes they are good but have stuff in the background that I didn't want to have in the picture.  I have seen the doctored photos like the one putting Oprah's head on a skinny little body.  I have seen the youtube video of an eagle picking up a baby.  Then today I got an email showing the top photo editing software programs.  One of the best at an affordable price was the Photoshop Elements 11.  I had seen photoshop in the past and thought it was too complicated for me.  The full version Photoshop is very expensive, but I went to the Adobe website to look.  I noticed that you could download Photoshop Elements for a 30 day trial offer.  So I did it.  It is very complete and this was my first time trying it.  I will play with it for the next month and then decide if I want to purchase it.  My husband said I should be proud of myself and I guess I am.

Now you see the cooler and the broom
And Now you Don't

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