Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Story of the Weeping Fig Tree

Over 40 years ago we lived in a nice old house in Stoughton, Wisconsin.   It was in a lovely old neighborhood.    That is where our two daughters grew up.  They never did forgive us for selling that house.  We mistakenly believed when children go away to college, they leave.  We didn't realize that they come back with spouses and children and we would need more space than we did when they were children. 

We had a neighbor who did odd jobs for a local builder.  He would clean out houses and take unwanted items to the dump.  Sometimes he would bring home goodies.  That is why the shingles on his house were many different colors.  One day he came home with a Weeping Fig tree.  I should say it was a stick with a couple of leaves on it.  Either his wife didn't want it or he gave it to me, I don't remember the exact details.  Being one who could never kill a plant intentionally, I took it and put it in a pot.  Throughout the years it grew very slowly but it survived.  We moved it from place to place.  We repotted it every so often and trimmed it when it reached the ceiling.  We didn't pamper it which is why it is alive and well today. 

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