Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bedroom Remodel

Last December 29, 2012, I blogged about winter projects that we were doing (Getting Through the Winter).  We finished with the bedroom remodel a couple weeks ago.  I said I would post the final project, so here it is.   I still need curtains and that's about it.  I have purchased several and I have taken them back.  The window is such a strange size, I think I will have to look for fabric and make some.  I usually make them anyway because it's hard to find the right style and color for a particular situation.  When we did the kitchen I had to make the curtains also.  This is how they turned out.  I just measured how long I want the sides to be and the middle distance.  Then I just drew a line.  I hemmed the top and sewed bias tape on the bottom.  It cost a fraction of the premade curtains.

This is the before photo of the bedroom.  This room had a dropped ceiling and white paneling as I described in the previous post.  I didn't take an original photo.  This is the room after it was dry walled and taped.

Now it is finished.  Besides the curtains, I need to hang pictures and do some finishing. As you can see the window is small 27" by 45".  The only curtains that would fit are kitchen curtains and they usually have ruffles and patterns.  I will know when I find the right ones (hopefully). 

We got this bedroom set from my husband's mother.  It is beautiful walnut with marble tops.  It really doesn't match the style of our house now, but it is pretty.  It had twin beds, so we pushed them together, tied the legs together, put a foam connection in the seam and topped it with a king sized memory foam topper over everything.  It's actually pretty comfortable.  The photo doesn't show how big the bed actually is. 

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