Sunday, May 19, 2013

Antique Samplers

I like to go to antique stores to see what life was like in times gone by.  The older I get, the more I can identify with everything I see.  What used to be everyday items for me,  are now antiques.   I am even considered an antique.

I like to look at samplers but they are sometimes pricey.  I decided to make my own. I soaked the fabric in tea for a while to get that old look.   Then I embroidered the fabric from a pattern I found.  I'm sure this will end up in an antique store some day and then someone will discover that the frame is plastic and the linen is new.

This is a real sampler that I have.  At least I think it is real.  I found it in my mom's stuff.  The reason I think it is old is from the back of the sampler.  They stretched the sampler around an old hosiery package.  I looked up the Everwear Hosiery Company,  and they were in business in Milwaukee WI around 1915.  My gosh, that's almost 100 years ago. 

Old Time Sampler

Back side of the old sampler

I found this old
advertisement from a
1915 publication.

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