Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Recycling Pumpkins

Every year when Halloween is over and it is almost Thanksgiving, we have a lot of pumpkins to dispose of.  My son in law's parents grow many different varieties of pumpkins.  They share many of them with the family.  They make beautiful fall decorations, but as the fall comes to a close and Christmas decorations are about to be brought out, we feed the leftover pumpkins to the wildlife.  They get eaten little by little throughout the winter.  By Spring there is nothing left but empty shells.

Here are a few pumpkins we have to put out yet.

The Gray Squirrels really like them,

          and so do the Black Squirrels.

We have birds pecking away at the pumpkins as well as the deer.  All the forest creatures get a nibble.  I also put out the apple peelings and cores from all the fall baking with apples.

This photo is from exactly two years ago.  See the snow on the ground already.

Today November 13, 2013, there isn't any snow.

This little buck was looking at me.  I think he likes corn more than pumpkins.

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