Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another Fingerless Mitt Pattern

It's Super Bowl Sunday and there probably won't be a lot of you out there reading my blog.  It's a day for football and chicken wings.  I learned something about chicken wings today.  They should NOT ever be called Buffalo wings.  They are made from chicken and not buffalo.  Next they should always be fried and NOT baked.  They should always be dipped in Blue Cheese dressing and NOT ranch.  Who knew?  Not me, I'm not sure I ever had a real chicken wing.  Football fans watch the game even if their team isn't playing.  Others watch for the half time show and the ads.

I thought for today I would post another pattern for Fingerless Mitts.  I found a very simple pattern, and they make up quickly and fit well.  The pattern uses regular worsted weight yarn which can be purchased any place that sells yarn.  They look funny when they are completed, but don't worry.  They feel great.  The pattern is mostly Knit 2, Purl 2 for a ribbing pattern except the thumb side has a knit 3 section.  I'm not sure why that is, but I followed the pattern as written.  Just like the last pattern I posted last week for Fingerless gloves (, it is a free pattern.  This one is courtesy of Amanda Gill of Gaea Creations.  She has several interesting projects that can be seen

These fingerless mitts look too small but they stretch.

The pattern is written for 4 sizes.  This is the woman's size.

If you knit during the game, you could finish one in the time it takes to play the game unless you eat chicken wings and then I wouldn't suggest knitting at the same time.

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