Saturday, March 15, 2014

The River Otter and The Eagle

It's days like today that I wish I had a better zoom lens for my camera.  I'm not a professional photographer so I can't justify spending thousands of dollars on a longer zoom.  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about the otters that we see in the spring.  I was hoping they would return, and I saw them again today.

The snow is melting fast, and the ice is very thin.  That is when the river otters come out to play.  I noticed that one otter had poked a hole in the ice and came out for a while.  These next photos are as close as I could get.

I watched the otter for a while and then I had to run to the store for some bananas.  My dad has a banana every night as part of his bedtime snack.  I was completely out.  When I returned I saw an eagle eating something out on the ice.  I couldn't tell what it was, but I hope it wasn't an otter.  I tried to go outside to take a closer photo but the eagle flew away when I barely got out the door.  I'm thinking it is probably a fish.  In the past I have seen the eagles eat fish from holes in the ice.  I sure hope that is the case.

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