Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This Week's Action On The Trail Camera

It has been a while since I shared some of the photos I have captured on the trail camera.  Most days are pretty much the same, but I still go out everyday.  I pull out the photo SD card and put in a new one.  I have updated my look from my previous trail camera posts.  Instead of the old red plaid flannel nightgown with floral sweatpants, I now wear a pale blue t-shirt knit nightgown with a matching pair of pants.  My husband's big boots remain the same.  Aren't I a fashion forward person?  It's a balmy 18 degrees so I didn't need a winter coat.  A lightweight fleece was enough warmth.  It's probably because I'm so HOT!

Each 24 hour period we usually have around 100 pictures of squirrels, raccoon, birds, deer, possum and anything else that wanders past the camera day and night.

A raccoon and a deer deciding who gets the last bite.

Pretty soon the Bucks will have shed their antlers.  Then I won't be able to tell the deer apart except for the little doe who limps.  She either injured her leg and it healed crooked or she was born with a defect.  I am always happy to see her because I was afraid she couldn't keep up during this brutal winter.

He lost one of his antlers.  I imagine by now he has lost the other one.
See the possum.  Neither pay any attention to the other.

The fox come by once in a while to see what new goodies have been put out.  This was the night after our early St. Patrick's Day meal.  The possum that came to dinner must have put the word out.

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