Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Grandson's A Junior Black Belt

Last weekend was a busy one.  Yesterday I wrote about our annual St. Patrick's Day dinner, but the day before was also very special.  On Saturday evening our grandson got his Junior Black Belt in karate.  I wrote about Sam getting his brown-black belt in May of 2013.


Through a lot of hard work and perseverance he got his black belt.  It was big celebration.  They had about 30 candidates at different levels. In order to achieve this, he had to write a paper on why he wanted to be a black belt.  He read it at the ceremony, and it was wonderful.  Sam is like me and public speaking is not something we do easily.  We all were very proud.  In addition to the paper, they had two long days of extensive testing.  There are several degrees of black belt.  The next 18 months he will be working on the next level to become a 1st degree Black Belt.

Sam with two of his instructors.

Doing this is a big commitment for the whole family.  It requires weekly instruction.  

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