Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Enjoying Another Missoula Theater Performance and An Honors Concert

A couple of fun and exciting things happened while I was away from blogging.  While my dad was in the hospital, my sister and her husband spent time sitting with dad.  He was beginning his recuperation so all of us didn't need to hover over him constantly.  My husband and I were then able to attend another Missoula Children's Theater program.  I have written about Missoula before.  and

Our granddaughter was in the play and was one of the merry men in a production of Robin Hood.  They always do such a good job especially since they audition, practice and perform in one short week.

The group of Merry Men even though most of them are girls.

Melissa in costume and makeup.  

Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John and Robin Hood
Yes, that is Prince John's real hair.

One week later dad was out of the hospital, but I didn't want to leave him alone.  My husband volunteered to stay home so I could see our granddaughter Melissa and our grandson Dylan in a Middle School honors concert.  Several schools participated in a band and chorus concert.   The students arrived early in the morning and met with the guest conductors.  The band conductor was from Lakeland College and the chorus conductor was from Ripon College.  The individual schools had the music in advance and helped prepare the students, but putting it all together was a big task.  They had a complete concert in the afternoon.  I was so impressed how well they did.  Kids can develop their potential if they take advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

The students were very respectful and I didn't notice any disruptions.  Then when the show was over and everyone was exiting, I saw a heart warming sight.  Just ahead of me was an older woman trying to navigate the bleachers we were sitting in.  A man asked her if she needed help.  He took her hand and helped her down to the floor.  I heard her ask him if he had a child in the performance.  He said he did and asked if she did as well.  She pointed out her grandson.  This nice man held her hand tight the entire time.  Usually you see impatience and pushing in these situations, but the whole mood of the day made everyone happy and grateful.  

When I returned home, my husband had done a wonderful job of taking care of dad and his needs.  It was a wonderful day.

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